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Our Philosophy

We are committed to making a real lasting difference:

  • Every business depends on the people who keep it going. Investing in your people, means investing in your business.
  • New Vision offers you world class training that delivers bottom line benefits.
  • We will work anywhere, and have helped organisations both small and large throughout Africa. Although our core experiences are in hospitality and tourism, we have successfully helped organisations and individuals from other industries.
    1. Building the Team
    2. Achieving the Task
    3. Developing the Individual
    4. All centered around the guests

The New Vision Way

  • No training is undertaken without a needs analysis to determine and recommend optimum training solutions.
  • All courses are customized.
  • All courses are facilitated in a way that guarantees continual participation in activities that develop necessary skills.
  • All courses are practical and relevant to work situations, and team-building
  • Discussions are held with management regarding the impact on participants and the organization.

New Vision Benefits

  • Training is a partnership, and New Vision is committed to the ongoing development of your staff and your business.
  • The aim of our training is to develop the human worth of each participant. By empowering people to tap into and fulfill their potential, staff are motivated and trained to be more effective, efficient and productive.
  • Minimum disruption as training is done on site, and training timing is flexible.
  • Maximum affordability, courses are charged per day rather than per participant.

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