Empower Your Business

Workplace Skills Plans:

New Vision Training combines years of training and development experience with an ability for doing accurate training assessments and analysis, in order to develop and deliver a Workshop Skills Plan that is effective and sustainable for your organisation. New Vision training will never dictate what needs to be done, but will advise on the best way to solve and implement training initiatives. New Vision is equipped to source the best training for the interventions sought.

The process is as follows:
  • To jointly discover and describe the desired outcome, and define the necessary input information.
  • To explore the existing training landscape within the organisation- where is the company currently vs. where it wants to be.
  • To decide on the correct training intervention.
  • To design and finalize the Workplace Skills Plan.

Operating Standards:

New Vision Training has years of experience in writing Standards of Operation manuals, up to and including five star standards. Our service is to offer suggestions and guidelines where necessary, but ultimately the property managers determine what the standards will be.

The process is as follows:

  • Time is spent with the management team to determine the vision and mission of the organisation. This is essential as the vision and mission have to be translated into practical terms in the operating standards.
  • Input from each Departmental Manager is obtained.
  • The manuals produced are user friendly.

The advantages:

  • New Vision already has generic standards in place which are quick and easy to change, and years of experience in writing standards ensures that the process is efficient and effective.
  • New Vision's training experience ensures that the standards set are practical, measurable and can be trained and implemented.
  • Standards can be used for training purposes, NQ Assessment purposes, and ensures that standards are maintained through changes in shifts, staff and managers.


On site problem identification and intervention design.

Businesses often find themselves in difficulty – and sometimes all it needs is for someone from the outside to come in and review what is going on in that business. A fresh set of eyes, with an understanding of the business environment, to suggest alternatives.

Mystery Guest Programmes:

Mystery Guest Programmes are aimed at establishing feedback from guests on a consistent basis. A variety of different types of guests are sent to establishments and a detailed report is written. The feedback may be constructively used by management to improve levels of service, and identify training needs.

Mystery Guest Questionnaires are designed around the standards of the particular establishment, and whether or not the property is delivering on its product and service promises to guests. Reports and graphs showing trends are submitted on an agreed time frame. The profile of the mystery guest is carefully matched to suit the profile of the market for a particular establishment. Direct feedback sessions to the management of an establishment can also be arranged.

Climate Surveys:

In all organisations, it is important to find out exactly what you are doing well, and perhaps not so well when it comes to your staff members' well being. All surveys are customised to your specific organisation, and include how your organisation is living up to its mission, vision and values. The questionnaires are designed in such a way as to give participants maximum opportunity to express their feelings in a positive and contributory manner. After the collection and analysis of data the following actions are recommended:
  • Feedback report to Senior Management.
  • Debriefing of staff in small workshops.
  • Newsletter reporting the findings and action plans to all staff members.
It is recommended that six months after the initial survey, a feedback session- either face to face or via a newsletter - be done detailing what actions have been achieved to date, and how management has listed and implemented suggestions made. This ensures that the impetus from the survey is not lost, and reminds staff members of what the organisation is trying to do to improve their working lives.

Strategy Management:

Strategy Management Workshops:

Facilitating workshops focusing on developing a clear vision and mission, as well as strategic marketing and business plans.

Personal Development and Mentoring:

Individual mentorship sessions focusing on personal growth and career development.


Group mentorship on the job or one on one mentorship to teach an overall understanding and feeling for 5 star standards and attention to detail.  Coaching of Heads of Department is also an essential factor in the continuing improvement of standards.